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Loose the Weight

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New Patient Special $225: Include LAB testing, EKG, Body Composition Analysis, PLUS 1 MONTH of metabolic program medications will be included. ( All NEW Patients will come for two visits )

METABOLIC WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: This program combines a flexible common-sense diet and the use of medications to help improve metabolic rate and suppress appetite. Patients on metabolic program return every (28) days for a visit check-up and medication ref

We take an individualized and holistic approach to helping our patients by addressing the entire endocrine system in an effort to slow down the symptoms of aging and pre-mature aging. We use bio-identical hormones and we treat our patients with replacement that is proven and safe. We replace hormones to previous physiologic levels for our patients to improve their quality of life and to keep our patients feeling and acting young and enjoying life to its fullest extent.

Our Programs:
Weight/Metabolism & Fatigue
Male Hormone Replacement
Female Hormone Replacement
Sexual Enhancement

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