In the heat of summer, there’s so many ways to cool off! Whether it’s a trip to the pool, lake or golf course, the possibilities are endless.

But as we age, it can become more and more difficult to enjoy these activities. Maybe a lack of energy is holding you back, or perhaps those pesky hot flashes are keeping you indoors. These symptoms of imbalanced hormones can turn into a general lack of interest and enthusiasm for those activities that make summer fun. Chances are high that your body’s depleted energy levels are demotivating you.

Adults 35 and older are more likely to experience decreased hormones consistently year after year. Hormones control nearly all of your bodily functions, especially your energy. Imbalanced hormones also affect your strength, physical endurance, muscle mass, mental alertness, libido and bone density. When hormones decrease after 35, these health benefits decrease as well.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with these symptoms. The safest and most effective way to replace those lost hormones is through BHRT, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Bio-identical hormones are natural and restore your physical ability, healthy sleep habits, mental concentration and more.

With BHRT, you can get your summers back. If you’ve felt any lack of energy or motivation, visit us at The Steelman Clinic in Oklahoma City to find out if your hormones are low. We’re ready to help you look and feel better today!