Please look at these weight loss programs and discuss which plan you are interested in with the nurse at your lab visit.

 Eating healthy fruits and vegetables for weight loss The Metabolic Weight Loss Plan – This program combines a flexible common-sense diet and the use of medications to help improve metabolic rate and suppress appetite. These basic medications are included at no additional charge at the time of your first visit. Return visits are scheduled every 28 days. The cost is $110 per visit.

hCG Daily Injections Program –The cost for the hCG daily injection program is $350 for an 4-week program. You will receive 4 weeks of hCG self-injections to take home . This program requires daily injections. These injections contain hCG to help maintain a high energy level, reduce appetite and mobilize fat stores for more rapid burning. Best results are obtained when injections are given at approximately the same time each day. (This does not include the cost for the initial lab and consultation.)

This program is an elite program for persons who have 40 or more pounds to lose. For this program, there is an four-week “treatment” period followed by a two-week “stabilization” program. The patients follow a very structured diet plan. Although it varies from person-to-person, the typical person loses about ½ to 1 pound per day.  The weight loss seen on this program is similar to that seen in patients who undergo surgery for weight loss.

  • Take home a 4-week kit of daily hCG  self-injections for $350
  • Take home an 8-week kit of daily hCG self-injections for $700
  • Injection education and supplies will be provided with program

The history of hCG and how it works. hCG is used to stimulate the hypothalamus. This makes your body eliminate fat more aggressively, without making you hungry or triggering muscle loss. In addition, hCG reduces the signals from your brain to replenish lost fat, lowering your cravings for fatty foods.

Thanks to the use of hCG, by the time you have completed your weight loss program, your hypothalamus will be reset to regulate your new lower weight. This will keep you from gaining back the pounds you’ve worked so hard to eliminate.

Weight Loss with hCG: a modern and lasting approach to a healthier and more attractive you.


New patients will be scheduled for two separate appointments.

FIRST APPOINTMENT (LAB EVALUATION). Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. We ask that, prior to this visit, you complete the Patient Information and Questionnaire located under the forms section at the top of the page.

This appointment will include the following tests:

Lab Tests. We require lab tests to be done while you are fasting. Please do not eat or drink anything but PLEASE DRINK WATER for 6 to 8 hours before your appointment.

EKG. This test will require you to wear loose fitted clothing. Please wear a two piece outfit, no underwire bra, and do not apply body lotions, oils or sprays.

Body Composition Analysis Test. This test determines your LEAN to FAT ratio.

Payment will be expected at the first visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express,Care Credit , Cash, Check or Money order. (We do not accept temporary checks.) The cost for the lab, consultation and first month’s medication is $225.00

SECOND APPOINTMENT (CONSULTATION). Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will be seen by a licensed medical provider (M.D., N.P., or P.A.) to review your medical history and have a brief physical. The Provider will review any abnormal test results during the visit.

Consultation visits are  approximately 45 minutes.

If you are late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Please give a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We believe the best care can be given when the physician and the patient interact on a one-to-one basis. Having other people … children, spouses, parents, friends, etc… in the room is a distraction to the patient and the provider alike. Therefore, we prefer that you not bring other people back to the lab or exam room with you.

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