At The Steelman Clinic, we offer different solutions to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In addition to the widely successful GAINSWave® procedure, we also offer the Priapus Shot®  (P-Shot®).

Named after the Greek god of virility, the P-Shot enhances erectile function and sexual performance for men experiencing ED, decreased performance or Peyronie’s disease. It may be named after a Greek god, but it’s not a myth!

The P-Shot® is a painless intrapenile injection using a man’s own platelets to improve tissue healing, nerve regeneration and rejuvenation of tissue. There is no rejection or side effects from the procedure.

So, how exactly does it work?

1.Blood is withdrawn, similar to a routine blood draw at a lab.

2. The blood is then separated into stem cells and growth factors.

3. A high-potency numbing cream is applied or dorsal penile nerve block is performed to eliminate pain.

4. The concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is injected into the parts of the penis that are most important to sexual arousal, including either side of the shaft, and the glans or head.

In just four effortless steps lasting about 30 minutes in-office, the P-Shot can temporarily increase penile size almost immediately following the procedure. After at least three short weeks, improved blood flow, overall penile length and girth, enhanced sensitivity and increased function will fully occur. (Results may be greater when the P-Shot® is performed in conjunction with GAINSWave therapy.)

A P-Shot recipient, Ben Greenfield, wrote about his experience with the procedure in Men’s Health in November 2017. He said:

“This [the P-Shot] might sound crazy to you, but it’s actually not: for years, athletes like Tiger Woods have been getting PRP shots in other parts of their body to recover from injury…”

“The doctor explained that the penis pump was digital, so it would automatically adjust pressure and intensity without me having to do a thing. ‘You get to use it twice a day for ten minutes for the next thirty days to increase blood flow that will give your treatment the full effect,’ he said.”

“When I woke the next morning, apprehensive about whether I’d killed all my penis nerves or done lasting damage…I was pleasantly surprised to take a peek under the sheets and see [it] big, healthy, vascular…And the best part? The orgasms…The kind of orgasm I know is good when my wife comments that she’s a bit envious.”

With a P-Shot procedure at The Steelman Clinic, you can have results like Ben did. Don’t let another day go by in distress about your sexual performance. Contact our clinic today to find out more information about the P-Shot and to schedule an appointment!: (405) 755-4600