Thanksgiving is approaching, which means food, family, friends… and more food. Are you worried that you might gain weight or break your weight loss streak? Thankfully, The Steelman Clinic is here to help. 

We offer several programs to help you lose weight and keep that weight OFF: 

  • Metabolic Weight Loss Plan 
  • Protein Sparing Modified Fast 
  • Rapid Weight Reduction 
  • hCG Daily Injections 

All of our programs ensure that you stay full longer in order to decrease your appetite throughout the day.  

It has been said that people could expect to gain an average of 2-4 pounds from the Thanksgiving festivities, but that is also taking into account drinks that are sitting in your belly and some extra water weight. Nevertheless, our team at The Steelman Clinic can help prevent you from gobbling up any extra pounds.  

Are you or someone you know interested in beginning a weight loss plan, especially before the holidays hit? Check out our full program descriptions on our website, and contact us today!

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