Let’s talk man to man. When guys get past 40, their testosterone decreases at a steady level. Studies have tracked the differences in men who allow this to occur naturally and men who replenished their testosterone with BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy). One of the main differences was apparent: men on testosterone replacement felt younger than men who did not.  

Let’s Explain…

When outsiders hear this type of information, they often think testosterone holds some substance that produces “youthful” emotions. The real explanation is somewhat less mysterious. For one, testosterone increases energy to optimal levels in most patients. Energy is high when people are younger, and many associate youth with that energy. The truth is, when the high energy of someone’s youth is brought back during BHRT, the men who take it often identify that vitality as feeling younger. 

Another factor that makes men on BHRT feel this way is libido. Again, people typically have a higher sex drive during youth. So, when a man’s libido is increased with BHRT testosterone replacement, it makes him feel younger. There is, however, one (semi-)myth about this aspect of testosterone. 


Most men hear the word “testosterone” and think one thing: “sex” hormone. There’s two things you should know about this informal title. 1) It’s not necessarily false. Testosterone is a major factor in a man’s sex drive, and when testosterone is increased, sexual performance and libido are enhanced as well. 2) It can be misleading. When the term “sex hormone” is used, it looks like sex drive is the only benefit. As I’ve mentioned before in this article, testosterone has a large number of benefits—sex drive is just one of them.  

Strength and lean muscle mass are two other benefits that men on testosterone replacement receive. It also allows them to achieve higher endurance and exercise ability. Because these men can now physically do more of the activities of their youth, it feels as if they are at that age again.  

It’s not youth, in and of itself, that men are feeling on BHRT.  

It’s the multitude of benefits that are associated with youth. Men who have testosterone replacement have more energy, higher libido, and increased strength. Yes, they feel younger, but these underlying benefits are probably the major causes of it.  

If you are over the age of 40 and feel like you’re lacking this energy, you probably need to check your hormone levels. The Steelman Clinic provides blood testing for this purpose. If your testosterone levels are low, their doctors recommend BHRT as a healthy way to get that strength back.