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Get the energy you need this holiday

When you think holidays, what comes to your mind? Fall, cool weather, family, friends, celebrations and presents. These are all common thoughts that are in most everyone’s mind, but what about traveling, stress, cooking and entertaining family members? While these may be an afterthought they are certainly a reality of the holiday season. Let The Steelman Clinic, through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), give you the energy to keep up with this crazy time of year.

BHRT is a process in which our medical professionals give patients hormones such as testosterone, melatonin and progesterone. This helps to slow the mental and physical aging process. BHRT can give a person more energy, mental sharpness and an overall feeling of youth. For example, in men Testosterone is vital hormone in overall well-being. When hormone levels are in a normal state, men have more lean muscle, less body fat, greater resistance to a host of diseases and a better memory, you can read more here. An important hormone for women is Estrogen. A regulated level of it can help ease the transition of menopause, increase energy and prevent various diseases, more can be read here.

So, when Halloween rolls around in late October signaling school parties, buying costumes, carrying countless bags of candy and setting up your house to mimic a haunted house you will have enough energy to keep it all together, or when it is time be up late ringing doorbells until yelling, “trick-or-treat” makes your children’s voices hoarse.

Next up, Thanksgiving, a wonderful and chilly time of the year. Often family is more involved, and you may even have family come in from out of state or travel out of state to visit family. Whether you are packing up to travel five hours or spending five hours cooking and prepping stress will no doubt be involved. Another thing you can also count on is that, inevitably, something will go wrong. You or one of your children will probably forget something or something you cooked will be burned. When this happens it’s important to have the mental fortitude and energy to deal with cooking, traveling or trying to remember everything, BHRT can help.

BHRT might be the most important during Christmas. This is because Christmas might be the most stressful time of the year. This is for several reasons. First of all, Christmas is now the most commercialized holiday on the calendar, it now seems to start in early November with some companies starting in June, often times family is more involved, a large dinner is still usually required and weather and roads are worse because of snow and ice.

Don’t let this holiday season drag you down or tire you out so easily. The Steelman Clinic and BHRT restore you to your old self and give you the energy to own this holiday season. Call us and set up an appointment at your convenience.