Are you or someone you know experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and ready to get back to your prime sexual performance? Well, we have the treatment just for you.

At the Steelman Clinic, we offer the esteemed GAINSWave procedure that is safe, comfortable and effective in optimizing sexual performance and reversing the effects of ED for men. It utilizes high frequency, low intensity sound waves to improve blood flow by repairing aged blood vessels, stimulating growth of new blood vessels and removing decades of micro-plaque. The GAINSWave Medical Advisory Board has developed a protocol to specifically treat ED and Peyronie’s disease, which ensures patient safety and optimum results.

Still not convinced? The procedure is based on over 40 clinical studies that have shown more than a 75% success rate in treating ED without any known side effects. Plus, you don’t have to laboriously take medications to treat your condition.

Here is what some GAINSWave patients have said about their experiences:

“I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am with the results of the GAINSWave®. I had the treatment, and I noticed a difference making love to my wife that very night!” -Thomas W. (Athlete); Los Angeles, CA

“Due to ED, I have not been sexually active in over 5 years. Oral ED medications did not work for me. Now after getting the GAINSWave®, I feel confident that I can be spontaneous and enjoy my relationship with my wife again. It’s not very often you get a second chance to start over at my age, and I’m grateful for GAINSWave® therapy.” -John B. (Attorney); Houston, TX

“Last year I had a bit of a down period. I was not having any fun anymore, and I noticed I was losing it. [Then I had the GAINSWave®] and the results were staggering.” -Ronald S. (Producer); Miami, FL

For a more detailed patient testimonial, check out this personal documentation by Jordan from Canada:

The Steelman Clinic is here to help you reverse the effects of ED and improve your sexual performance and confidence. For more information about our clinic and all that we have to offer, please visit: We are here to help.