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What’s The Difference?

The difference between BHRT and synthetic hormone replacement is extremely simple. Bio-identical hormones are natural, and synthetic hormones are man-made. Bio-identical hormones are naturally occurring in plants and animals. For example, testosterone and melatonin are created by our bodies daily. This is important because these are things that pharmaceutical companies cannot patent and sell for [...]

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Holiday Hustle

The holidays bring a lot of pressure with them. There’s family expectations to live up to, coworkers and friends to impress, and so much is required of you that you forget to just take care of yourself. And the more you stress about your body, the worse it seems. But this year doesn’t have to [...]

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Get the energy you need this holiday

When you think holidays, what comes to your mind? Fall, cool weather, family, friends, celebrations and presents. These are all common thoughts that are in most everyone’s mind, but what about traveling, stress, cooking and entertaining family members? While these may be an afterthought they are certainly a reality of the holiday season. Let The [...]

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