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Ladies, are you PRO-gesterone?

You should be. Progesterone is a vital hormone to your health. It is found in substantially higher concentrations in women than in men. This hormone works together with estrogen in your body to regulate your body’s functions. Here’s why you should pay attention to this little hormone. It plays a key role in functions such [...]

Ladies, are you PRO-gesterone? 2017-07-17T22:08:30+00:00

What you need to know about BHRT

Just like with any medical treatment, you have questions.  You’ve been searching the whole wide world for a way to finally get healthy and make it last.  You may think you’ve exhausted all your options, but there may be one you haven’t tried.  Let me introduce you to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Abbreviated BHRT, it [...]

What you need to know about BHRT 2017-07-17T21:45:37+00:00

Restore your youthful energy with natural hormones

Without realizing it, your body may be losing its normal supply of hormone levels. This could result in a loss of energy, mental alertness, libido, muscle mass, or sleep. If any of these symptoms have knocked on your door, you may be experiencing an insufficiency of hormones. This is important because hormones control nearly all [...]

Restore your youthful energy with natural hormones 2017-07-17T22:30:13+00:00

Why women over 40 have sleep problems

It’s the middle of the night and your mind is roaming. There’s one thought that dominates above the rest. It’s the same thought that’s been crawling across your brain for months, maybe years—Why can’t I sleep? Unfortunately, many women don’t find the real answer to this question. Instead, they’ll do everything they can to try [...]

Why women over 40 have sleep problems 2017-01-24T22:10:59+00:00